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Kevin aka Kevyn McCallister or Konfident McCallister was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1986. Encouraged to express his artistic skills by his parents, Kevin picked up drawing at a very young age. By high school Kevin was in living in Dallas, Texas and exploring art in Advanced Placement Art Classes at W.T. White High School. Back then Kevin enjoyed drawing celebrities or self-portraits stylized with his favorite designers. At the age of 18, Kevin had a chance encounter with local Dallas tattoo artist Manolo Ramos while getting his first tattoo. “I got my first lame ass tattoo when I was 18 years old, shortly after I was chosen by Manolo Ramos to apprentice. He saw it for me… before I did.” By 2006, Kevin was tattooing regularly and honing his craft in the Dallas area under Manolo Ramos’ guidance.

Today, when asked the typical “what is your profession” question, Kevin describes himself as an “artist” and he is an artist, whose canvas just so happens to be skin. Kevin, who also dabbles in clothing design, attended classes at the Art Institute of Dallas before moving to the fashion capital, New York City, for a year in 2012. In 2013, Kevin combined his love of tattoos and fashion when he created temporary tattoos for models walking in the COI-NYC runway show for New York fashion week. Kevin hopes to one-day morph his love of black textiles and leather into a legitimate clothing line. Even with all the success he’s achieved as a tattoo artist, Kevin still continues to draw with a pen and pad, his first love in the art realm. One day while drawing for fun, Kevin created the now infamous image of Daria depicted as Lil’ Kim.

So where can you find Kevin now? When he’s not traveling to places like Los Angeles or New York, Kevin is based at Cat Tattoo in Addison, Texas. With almost eight years of experience, Kevin has tattooed the likes of rapper Lil Scrappy and soul legend Aaron Neville. Kevin loves realism particularly portraits in either full color or black and grey. Kevin recently said, “if I could do a portrait a day, I would be happy.” Kevin is known to his friends and family as an extremely humble, sometimes too humble, hard worker who just wants to focus on the art.


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